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Insurance Questions

Will my insurance cover the cost of sessions?
This depends upon the plan you have with your specific insurance company. Coverage varies widely between insurance plans. You will need to check with your insurance company to see if your sessions are covered, and if so, how much will be covered. For more information and a complete question guide please see the Client's Guide to Verifying Benefits (PDF).

What if my insurance does not cover my sessions?
There are cases where some insurance companies will not cover your mental health needs. If your insurance is in this category, you have a couple of choices. You may decide to pay for your sessions out-of-pocket, or you may decide to reduce the frequency of your visits or participate in group counseling.

When I call my insurance company, how do I go about getting the answers I need?
Click for a complete question guide:
Client's Guide to Verifying Benefits (PDF)

The Benefits and Risks of Using Insurance
The use of insurance can be a helpful way to help cover the costs of therapy. In some situations insurance coverage might be the only way you or a member of your family can afford the care needed. Our administrative staff will file claims on your behalf and you will be responsible for payment of any balance insurance does not cover such as deductible, copayments or coinsurance.

There are, however, some considerations you may want to keep in mind in deciding whether or not to use insurance. The most obvious concern is privacy, especially in situations where benefits may be administered through your employer’s human resource department or a managed care company. Many managed care programs require additional information beyond a diagnosis and sessions dates, such as treatment summaries and goal statements to determine eligibility for ongoing benefits. Spring Tree is committed to preserving your privacy according to Health Insurance Privacy and Portability Act (HIPAA) and to providing insurance companies only what is required to attain coverage. Unfortunately, we can not make assurances about what happens to information after it leaves our office. Further, use of insurance of any sort creates a record that might come into play later on when completing applications for life, health or disability insurance.

There are also situations where the insurance benefit for mental health may be quite limited or situations where a deductible may be quite large. In such situations you may need to weigh the expected benefit against the cost of sessions anticipated.

We can not advise you regarding your decision to use insurance but feel an informed decision is the best pathway to a good decision.  For more information, see Insurance Considerations (PDF).

We are in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, PPO and will file claims for you. We can also process for you insurance paperwork for most other insurance companies. Coverage with other insurers varies.

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